The Ups and Downs of Using an Online Logo Maker or Generator for Your Design

A mistake a lot of people make is think that their business is too small to have a logo, however that is definitely not the case. A logo is a crucial element of any business and it not only makes a statement in your customer’s eyes, it also makes your brand seem even more professional, as well as recognizable and unique. There are many ways in which you can get a logo for your brand like hiring a person to do it for you which can take a lot of time, not to mention a cost a lot of money. Another option is using a logo maker generator, however, like most things this also has its pros and cons and in this article we will talk about a few of them.

Pro: They are easy to use

This is probably the thing that really sells logo generators to people, especially beginners. These online generators are really simple and easy to use even for people that have absolutely no experience with design and this makes it very unlikely for anyone to face any type of challenge when designing their logo. The tools that the makers provide are also very user-friendly which only adds to the whole “working with ease” thing and it also helps the process be seamless and very quick, some generators generating a logo within seconds.

Con: The finished product can end up looking unprofessional

Everyone wants to create a logo that is professional-looking, and unfortunately these online logo maker generators sometimes tend to generate logos that are the opposite of that. The logos that they come up with can sometimes simply lack that final professional tweak and in the long run, using a logo like this can really reflect poorly on your business and give customers the wrong impression about your brand.

Pro: They tend to be cheap, or even free

This another one of those big reasons as to why people tend to go for these types of generators. As we said, most of the time these logo makers tend to be completely free, or in the cases where you do have to make a payment for something like high-resolution or a larger size of the logo, the fees tend to be very minimal. However, something to be mindful is that these free logos often tend to have a watermark on them from the generator that you got them from, but even with that, if you are on a tight budget they can still be useful tools.

Using online logo maker generators can be great tool, especially if you are someone that is just starting a business or someone that simply doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on a logo. However, no matter how good the pros are, the cons always need to be reviewed and then it is up to you to decide if ones outweigh the others.