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George Plimpton's "Tsi-lick! I should admit at the outset that my credentials as a birdwatcher are slightly sketchy. True, birdwatching is a hobby, and if pressed I tell people that I truly enjoy it: on picnics I pack along a pair of binoculars and the Peterson field guide. But I am not very good at it.

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From the Archives: Tsi-lick! Goes the Henslow’s | Audubon

If you happen to be a veteran whitetailer, chances are about percent that deer have used that cunning to leave you cussing after a blown shot at a wall-hanger buck. Studying all the nuances of whitetail body language, from the most subtle acts to the obvious, will turn possible failures into future bowhunting successes. How do you know how soon a buck will vacate the area? Well, if the wind is solidly in your favor, keep your eyes on his eyes and ears. Whitetail bucks, especially mature ones, seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to locating even the most well-hidden hunters. However, if any one of his senses are alerted, his eyes will widen and both his ears will train on you like furry radar dishes. Or, he may ease closer to play body language cat-and-mouse, where he puts his head down to feign a calm feeding posture, then snaps it back up to continue the stare down.

From the Archives: Tsi-lick! Goes the Henslow’s

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