Scuba diving in my tiny bikini

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Hollywood movies and popular TV shows give the impression that beaches are full of jocks with washboard abs and bikini-clad bombshells. Even so, promotional materials for these activities, such as for tours and gear, often portray women snorkelers and divers wearing bikinis! As a general rule, swimsuits with a UPF ultraviolet protection factor rating are your best bet for snorkeling and other water sports. Sun protection clothing is far superior to sunscreen when it comes to blocking UV radiation.

What Should You Wear Under Your Wetsuit?

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And because we are a friendly sharing bunch - who knows how to laugh at ourselves - we thought we'd share some of these with you! Before we put you off, please remember, diving makes us incredibly happy! We all agree that the experiences you are about to read are worth it for what we gain in return; our love and passion for scuba diving! We learn quickly that the pressure changes on ascent can leave our face covered in snot at the end of a dive. We can get over that, and we can certainly help out our fellow scuba girls with a subtle cue to wipe our face.

What to Wear Under Your Wetsuit When Scuba Diving

Most scuba divers will wear wetsuits because they help maintain body temperature and help protect the body against the sun and other hazards on the open sea. Even when the air temperature and surface temperature of the water are warm, it can get quite cold the deeper you dive. So wetsuits are standard attire. But … what should you wear under your dive suit when scuba diving?
From board shorts to tiny swim briefs like Speedos, or nothing at all, you have options for what you wear under you wetsuit when scuba diving. But there are advantages and disadvantages of each type of base layer, and safety is a consideration. Board shorts are the most common type of men's swimsuit , at least in North America, and most men show up for open water courses with these loose-fitting, quick-drying shorts. The disadvantage of board shorts is that they wrinkle and bunch under wetsuits, requiring the diver to straighten them out once he has squeezed into his wetsuit. Smoothing board shorts under a tight-fitting wetsuit can be difficult, and most professional divers who must don a wetsuit multiple times during the day quickly find an alternative.