Powdered deer penis

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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, sexual dysfunctions generally originate from not having enough yang in your life. The best way to treat the problem is to take strengthening tonics and supplements that target the kidneys and liver, where our energy comes from. Here are a few ways to get your qi juices flowing. Perhaps one of the more famous revitalization tools of the lot, Chinese have long treasured this root for its mystical powers. The most expensive stuff is collected wild from deep within China's Dongbei region. Over-harvesting has led to its rarity, and a single root can go for as much as RMB18, With a name like that, need we say more?

Deer penis

For those interested, the first recipe translated from this book was bear paw. For those people in that stage of life that needs a special pick-me-up, few things are as lauded in Chinese gastronomic cornucopia and pharmacopoeia as deer penis. Braised in sauce, simmered in soup, soaked in wine, or ground and taken directly as a powder, deer penis have always been a sought after for its reputed restorative effects. No doubt too the connoisseur finds delight in its unique textures.
In Angang , Taiwan , women are reported to consume deer penis during pregnancy as it is said to have a fattening effect and to make the mother and child stronger. The Mayans were also known to extract the penis of the deer and roast it. During the Summer Olympics in China, the country banned deer penis wine, turtle blood and angelica root supplements from athletes' diets. Chinese Olympic officials advised national athletes not to take the traditional remedy because it may contain the banned herb Ephedra. It joined steroids and various stimulants on the list of banned substances.