Pe teacher plimsoll spank

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It sure was great to be back at the gym. It was even greater to be there in the changing room. All around was the gorgeous, arousing smell of man sweat. It took me right back to my school days.

plimsoll | Caning and spanking stories @ The Canery

For most of us being spanked with a plimsoll or rubber sports shoes will bring back memories of school or a sports team. PE teachers often used to like the plimsoll, often since a smack with a plimsoll didn't count as an official CP session. This meant that they did not have to write it up in a punishment book everyone hates paperwork and also that they could give you lots of whacks with the shoe. They can be quite thuddy and can bruise if you hit hard and if it has a lot of tread or thick tread then you can leave interesting marks. Apart from the school aspect, which will appeal to some and not others, the advantage of a plimsoll is of course that it is a shoe, not a cane or tawse and so you can keep a pair in your wardrobe with no questions asked. When I wrote about being spanked at school with a plimsoll this is what the shoe looked like. Yes we might have been bent over a desk, yes even the girls got the odd whack with this but sadly for any spectators, the knickers stayed on.

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This story is loosely based on a real event that happened while I was at school. It has been embellished for dramatic and narrative purposes, some details are deliberately inaccurate, and some details almost certainly are unintentionally inaccurate. This is an unreliable memoir. I walked as rapidly as I could without running.