Our team of teen experts

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There are currently 23 psychologists who work at Developing Minds Psychology and Education and 9 members of our admin team. We also have a clinical management team of 6 psychologists. We all love working with and specialise in children, teenagers and their families. All of our clinicians are registered psychologists mostly with years of tertiary study and on average have 12 and up to 25 years of experience working with children, teens and their families. We work as a team, train and update each other on areas of development - on a weekly to monthly basis - and consult with each other following confidentiality guidelines of course to provide the best care for all of the families we work with. Below is some information about each of our individual psychologists.

Our Team of Childhood/Adolescent Psychologists

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The Adolescent Health Initiative is comprised of adolescent health experts from a variety of professional backgrounds. Ellen Wagner joined the Adolescent Health Initiative in the summer of She completed her undergraduate work in politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Ellen was previously based in New York City where she led patient outcome improvement projects in a variety of settings including a large health and human services agency, public hospitals, and academic medical centers.

Our Dedicated Group of Youth & Family Experts!

They work within our units and also across other hospitals and in the community. Our staff make a world of difference to the lives of young people with cancer, providing the best possible clinical care, support and advice. They have a wealth of experience in responding to the unique needs of teenagers and young adults. As well as offering direct nursing care, they offer emotional and practical support and help them cope with the challenges that cancer brings. They help them continue life as normally as possible or support them to plan their lives after treatment.
Below, please meet the dedicated group of child experts who also consider themselves youth advocates. Every project we undertake is a celebration of childhood and families. Mary brings broad business and academic experience to the research industry. Mary is a published author and sought-after speaker on a variety of topics surrounding children.