Orgasm after c sec

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Wondering when you can have sex after a C-section? Many women are surprised that sex can be quite painful after a C-section. Try not to stress. If you had a C-section, the rules are generally the same if you had a vaginal birth : Your doctor will likely recommend waiting between four and six weeks to resume sex. The chances of a problem, like bleeding or infection, are small after about two weeks.

Sexual problems equally common after C-section, natural birth

Sex After a C-Section Birth: When Can You Have Sex After a C-Section?

OK this might be a dumb question, but I am kinda freaked out about it. Are you supposed to wait 6 weeks after a c-section to have an orgasm? Did it hurt the first time? I know that your uterus contracts when you O, so wouldn't that mess things up if you are not healed yet? I am scared to death about it. Any info or experiences?

Female sexual outcomes in primiparous women after vaginal delivery and cesarean section

Sexual function is an essential component of life and yet very little is known about the relationships between the female sexuality and the mode of delivery. To compare sexual outcomes after vaginal delivery and cesarean section. A cross-sectional study was conducted on women in two stages; early pregnancy and 3 to 6 months after delivery in health centers. Female sexual outcomes evaluated were female Sexual Function Index scores and the time required to resume sexual activities after delivery.
February Birth Club Orgasms after C-section, doing it yourself? Okay, I'm just wondering how long I have to wait for a good ole "do it yourself" orgasm. No penetration, just clitoral stimulation!! My body is literally screaming for sex and I know I can't do that for 6 weeks! I had a c-section and I'm two weeks postpartum.