New england patriots suck pics

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The New England Patriots are truly one of the most hated teams in football. I am a diehard Pats fan, always have and always will be. I encounter a wide variety of people who will sometimes ask what my favorite football team is, I tell them it is the Patriots and immediately I hear groans and about how much they suck. When I ask the people why they say this, the responses range from the witty "Because they do" to the inevitable "Cheaters! I am going to show you the crap reasons people give for why the Patriots suck.

Patriots Suck

I HATE The New England Cheatriots!!

The loss dropped the Patriots to and officially eliminated them from the AFC playoff race. The Patriots got hit with a ruthless year this season. The Patriots tried to fill Brady's shoes with Cam Newton, and head coach Bill Belichick wasn't able to recapture the magic that made the Patriots a perennial contender and six-time Super Bowl champion during the Brady era. Our New England Patriots lived a full life spanning irrational optimism, agonizing heartbreak, and total hopelessness - all in a short 4-month span. Behold: the New England Patriots. My Life as a New England Patriot fan this season pic. My wife, the Patriots fan, talking to me after New England was eliminated from the playoffs pic.

I HATE The New England Cheatriots!!

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