Mounting a redhead duck

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Redhead Mounts

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Subscribe Now Log In. The reasons duck hunters choose for mounting a particular bird are as varied as the waterfowl family itself. Regardless of why a bird is chosen for a trip to the taxidermist, duck hunters generally agree they want a finished product worthy for display. World champion taxidermist Kevin Hynes said the first factor in achieving a quality mount is the duck itself. If you happen to be a trophy hunter, the Pearl River taxidermist will tell you the quality of your mount starts the moment you pull the trigger.

Would you have a Redhead Mounted ?

Here's how to ensure that your waterfowl trophies look as lifelike and appealing as possible. Not all waterfowl are worthy of mounting. By that time, most species are in full plumage and free of pinfeathers.
Cypress Slough Taxidermy offers a variety of custom Diver Duck Mounts as well as other waterfowl species. Whether your hunting in your home state or coming to Texas, Cypress Slough Taxidermy is ready to mount your trophy Diver Duck or puddle duck mount. Contact CS Taxidermy to discuss your custom Diver Duck Mount pose and habitat design to create a true one of a kind piece. Even more than big game, ducks, geese, and upland birds require careful handling and storage if you want to preserve them for taxidermy work. Delicate feathers and bones can crease and break much more easily than hair or hardened antler.