Mod for world domination in cnc3

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Fast-paced strategy, three campaigns and one expansion of cornball FMV, respectably balanced multiplayer and it's good-looking even today. Despite being produced in just one year, EA LA even managed to cram in solid mod support. Cut to present day and there's still a steady trickle of mod releases and unofficial matchmaking servers keeping its community alive. Thankfully this is a one-time process, but we'll be dedicating a larger-than-usual chunk of this column to getting mods and maps running and where to find them. Once that's done, the hardest part is putting your mods and maps in the right place.

Kanes Wrath

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The Xbox version including the Xbox One port does not have this game mode, and is replaced by Kane's Challenge instead. The goal of the game is to achieve world domination. The player must choose one of the three factions which will be used to attain this goal. World domination is achieved by either destroying all bases owned by the other two factions, or by achieving a faction-specific goal. These alternative win conditions are as follows:. At the start of the game, each faction has four bases randomly placed across the globe. Bases provide a place for the player to assemble their armies, called strike forces and can grant them additional support powers, once they've been built up.

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View posts since last visit View unanswered posts. Mon Feb 18, am Tratos. Mapping Discussion Discuss mapping here. Tricks about using World Builder, how to deal with scripts, making wave effects, dealing with lighting, setting up AI, texture effects on maps, etc. Post doubts, incomplete maps, screenshots of under-development maps, however finished maps go on Map Archive.
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