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Russian women are probably the most popular topic in Russia, and it would be strange not to talk about it. People end up in Russia for a variety of reasons. One of the most talked-about phenomena of Russia is certainly the women, especially among male expats. There are jokes in every Western country about mail order brides, overly materialistic women, and high divorce rates in Russia.

The Russian Family and Marriage

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Russian families are large and friendly. The meaning of the family in Russia is not limited to the husband, wife and children. It stretches to include grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. The members of the Russian family closely communicate with each other and frequently get together, especially on such family occasions as birthdays and anniversaries. Just like in any family, there might be misunderstandings and even quarrels among family members, however one thing is certain: Russians cherish their families and are always ready to help their relatives in difficult times.

Getting Married in Russia

If you choose to get married in Russia, then you will need to ensure not only that you have the correct documents, but that they are also properly translated and have the appropriate seals and certification for use by a foreign registry office. The process of obtaining the translations in the necessary legal format can appear complex and confusing, but don't worry , Real Russia offer you a complete "one-stop" service to ensure that everything goes smoothly, you get the documents you need, translated, legalised and ready for use allowing you to concentrate on your wedding plans! You should always check with the office where you will be registered in Russia to see if they have any local Rules, but typically you will need to provide the following:.
The intermarriage market should be viewed not only as a demographic category but also as a socio-cultural phenomenon determined by inter-national migration. After the collapse of the USSR, the scale of marriage mi-gration from Russia began to increase sharply. The increase in the scale of marriage migration stimulated the creation of a special infrastructure of the marriage market : marriage agencies , professional matchmakers, dating sites, etc. At the moment, Russian women can be found in many countries, but there are four priority areas of marriage migration : North American, European, Asian, and Middle East. Most often, such barriers are poor knowledge of the language, mental and cultural differences with a foreign husband.