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With a midnight Monday deadline for Benny Gantz to form a government approaching, his Blue and White party has warned the Likud that unless a unity government deal is signed they will push forward with legislation that would bar Benjamin Netanyahu serving as prime minister, Channel 12 reported late Sunday. Despite Gantz losing much of his leverage following the break up of his party, he is still Knesset speaker with control over the parliamentary agenda. The threat is that should Likud call off the talks, Gantz and his MKs would rejoin the anti-Netanyahu bloc in passing legislation to prevent an indicted person from serving as premier. Orly Levy-Abekasis, who last month defected from the left-wing Labor-Meretz-Gesher union, on Sunday declared that she would support Netanyahu for the premiership. However, two other potential defectors from the Telem faction, Zvi Hauser and Yoaz Hendel, told Rivlin on Sunday that they would not support Netanyahu for prime minister unless a unity deal was signed, the Ynet news site reported. Rivlin said that if the two leaders do not sign an agreement by midnight on Monday, he would ask Knesset members to recommend one of their peers to receive the mandate to form a government.

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In it had a population of , The population in Kfar Saba is nearly entirely Jewish. In , the Jewish town of Kefar Sava Kfar Saba was established as a moshava on 7, dunams of land purchased from the Arab village. Kafr Saba was considered to be ancient Capharsaba — an important settlement during the Second Temple period in ancient Judea, [3] [4] is mentioned for the first time in the writings of Josephus , in his account of the attempt of Alexander Jannaeus to halt an invasion from the north led by Antiochus , [5] appears in the Talmud in connection to corn tithing and the Capharsaba sycamore fig tree. The origins of the name are not known — in Hebrew and Aramaic it means 'grandfather village'. Despite attractive advertisements in Jerusalem and London , attempts to sell plots to private individuals were unsuccessful, as the land was located in a desolate, neglected area far from any other Jewish settlement.

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