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Blog About Us Contact. The class is so named because it was built to plans supplied to North Korea by Yugoslavia in The relatively small ton boats will likely replace the two North Korean built Yugo Class … It is the most numerous North Korean type and as many as 40 boats may be in service. The Yono class submarine also as Yugo Class is a class of North Korean miniature submarines, produced for domestic use as well as for export. This class is a family of midget submarines which are not all identical. After gaining experience with North Korean Yugo-class midget submarines, it ordered six Russian Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines in

9 North Koreans Dead in Submarine

U.S. Navy Sank Yellow North Korean Sub

Officials said there were signs of a struggle inside the submarine, as four North Korean agents apparently shot themselves to death after first killing five sailors. South Korean authorities also said there were indications that the vessel, which was captured after becoming entangled in a fisherman's net off the South Korean coast Monday, had been on a spy mission, leaving them divided about how much of an issue to make of this latest North Korean incursion. Several hours after a South Korean navy underwater demolition team gingerly bored into the submarine and found the bodies, the Defense Ministry demanded that North Korea admit "this act of aggression," explain its purpose and guarantee that it not be repeated. At the same time, however, the South Korean unification minister, Kang In Duk, took pains, at a breakfast of the Federation of Korean Industries — made up of leaders of Korean chaebol, or conglomerates — to distinguish between "economic and political differences. While Mr. Kang saw no change in President Kim Dae Jung's "sunshine" policy of economic opening to the North, the Defense Ministry called the submarine's incursion a violation of the Korean War armistice. The ministry called for a meeting of generals from North Korea and the United Nations Command, including the United States and South Korea, at the village of Panmunjom in the demilitarized zone that has divided the Koreas since the end of the war in July

That Time the U.S. Navy Sank a Fake, Yellow, North Korean Submarine

There are very few countries that can build an entirely new class of submarine without the rest of the world knowing. Except in North Korea, where the first we know of a new submarine may be when it shows up in satellite images. This is exactly what has happened. A recent satellite image, taken August 7, clearly shows the new submarine on the quay at Sinpo,
The Yugo class submarine is a class of four midget submarines used primarily for infiltration and espionage by North Korea. The Yugo class was given its name because it was built to plans supplied to North Korea by Yugoslavia in The Yugo-class is a family of midget submarines which are not all identical. The displacement is either the standard 90 tons of the original Yugoslavian design for the early units, or tons for the later units. The final vessel was built in the s, after which they were superseded by the Sang-O-class submarines.