Bikini hair trimmers

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If you're not poised to visit a salon just yet, you could, of course, use the opportunity to go au naturale. But if you prefer to keep things down there a little more, um, manicured, a bikini trimmer is an essential hair removal tool to have in your beauty closet. But how does a trimmer differ from the razor you already keep in your shower? When trimming, you'll get best results read: no itchy, angry red razor burn or bumps , if you prep your skin and any hair with warm water to soften, says Gurevich. And don't be afraid to go in any direction to get the desired look, says Gurevich.

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The beginning of looked a bit hairy with the continuation of lockdown, but the UK is slowly rising out of the restrictions and back into freedom, meaning that new haircut you're desperate to get could be on the way soon. But we think you need to consider more than just your head hair, as the rest of your body has probably sprouted a fair bit over the winter months. For those of you still not in the know, a spot manscaping is a wonderful bit of self-care to keep you feeling tidy and fresh, particularly if you plan on whipping off your shirt for that summer stay-cation, but some men will use the wrong tools for the job. Apart from the obvious hygiene reasons, you can't just use your beard trimmer to tidy up your body hair.

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Summertime means swimsuit season, which means you may want to clean up stray hairs that poke out of your bikini line. There are plenty of different hair removal options at your disposal — waxing , sugaring, epilating , even lasering — but good ol' fashioned shaving or trimming is typically the most accessible and least intimidating! The best shave really comes down to the tool you're using and how you're using it.
The easiest way to prevent bumps and ingrowns when trimming or shaving your bikini line? Gohara, and shaving against the grain or switching up your direction with each stroke is basically a recipe for irritation. Gohara says lathering up your skin with a hydrating shaving cream is a tried-and-true method for avoiding irritation and bumps. And while we're on the subject of prep work: You'll definitely want to exfoliate your skin prior to trimming or shaving—it'll help you get a cleaner, smoother shave—but Dr.