Berkeley gay mens chorus

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Today, we have a statement of solidarity regarding the racist violence carried out against the Asian community. The year has been rough for everyone. For singers, it … More hurts to be told that singing together is not safe! We decided to record a virtual choir video from the safety of our homes. Good afternoon, followers!!

Oakland Gay Men’s Chorus: Pride of the East Bay

San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus ephemera collection,

No problem. If you or someone you know! Oakland Gay Men's Chorus. The holidays are all about traditions.

San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus

The chorus was founded by gay music pioneer Jon Reed Sims. The group does not require that members identify as gay or bisexual. The eligibility requirements for SFGMC are to be at least 18 years of age, to self identify as a man, and to pass the audition process defined by the Artistic Director.
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