Baby oil is good for penetration

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13 Natural Lube Alternatives for When You Can't Make It to the Drugstore

Baby oil - Wikipedia

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PSA: Here's Why You Should Never, Ever Use Baby Oil For Tanning

In an ideal world, your home would be stocked with the very best lube that money can buy. But one rarely plans ahead for the moment they need a dollop of personal lubricant, whether it's for trying out Kama Sutra-style sex with your partner or playing with your favorite vibrator. When it's time, you need the stuff ASAP. The only thing more mood-killing than a frantic fumble through the nightstand drawer is expanding your fruitless search into the bathroom and the kitchen. All thoughts of getting intimate vanish within minutes of squinting at your pantry, wondering un-sexy things like, "is it safe to use coconut oil as lube?
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