Asian images in film

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Portrayal of East Asians in American film and theater

Asian Images in Film -- (TCM Promo) TCM Asian Images in Film Promo - Turner Classic Movies

Portrayals of East Asians in American film and theatre has been a subject of controversy. These portrayals have frequently reflected an ethnocentric perception of East Asians rather than realistic and authentic depictions of East Asian cultures, colors, customs, and behaviors. Yellowface , a form of theatrical makeup used by European-American performers to represent an East Asian person similar to the practice of blackface used to represent African-American performers , [1] continues to be used in film and theater. The Japanese actor Sessue Hayakawa began appearing in films around Anna May Wong , considered by many to be the first Chinese-American movie star, [6] was acting by the age of 14 and in , at age 17, she became the first Chinese-American to break Hollywood's miscegenation rule playing opposite a white romantic lead in The Toll of the Sea.

Asian Images in Film - (TCM Promo) TCM Asian Images in Film Promo

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