Anus elevator muscle

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Levator syndrome is sporadic pain in the rectum caused by spasm of a muscle near the anus the levator ani muscle. The rectum is the section of the digestive tract above the anus where stool is held before it passes out of the body through the anus. The anus is the opening at the end of the digestive tract where stool leaves the body. See also Overview of the Anus and Rectum. Proctalgia fugax is fleeting pain in the rectum. Coccydynia is pain near the tailbone coccyx.

Understanding Levator Ani Syndrome

Levator ani syndrome: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Language: English French. To present the clinical management and comprehensive differential diagnosis of a patient with anorectal pain from a perianal abscess. A year-old woman presented with pain localized to her perianal and gluteal region, accompanied by internal and external rectal pain. Prior to presentation, the patient had received a working diagnosis of levator ani syndrome. An interdisciplinary management approach was utilized.

What's to know about levator ani syndrome

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Levator ani syndrome is a long-term condition characterized by sporadic episodes of pain in the rectum and anus. Also called levator syndrome or levator ani spasm syndrome, it is estimated to affect 7. Over half of all those with symptoms of levator ani syndrome are years of age. This article will provide an overview of levator ani syndrome, its symptoms, causes, and available treatment options.