Amateur install asphalt shingles

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However, a roofing project that is characterized by shoddy or amateur workmanship can lead to higher costs in the long run. Starter shingles installed incorrectly or not at all. Many do-it-yourselfers make this mistake before they even begin. Improper slope. For instance, a minimum slope of four units of rise per twelve units of run is recommended if you are installing asphalt, wood, or tile shingles and shakes.

4 Common Mistakes Amateur Roofers Often Make

Mistakes Amateur Roofers Commit During Shingle Installations | Roof Recovery

Roof installation leaves no room for error. Any mistake can come with costly consequences. Fixing your own roof is never a sound idea, but hiring a contractor with limited experience, or, worse, a storm chaser, is also a huge risk. An overlay offers an economical way to apply brand-new materials to your roof without spending a lot on labor. However, this could backfire if done without thorough consideration. Reliable roofers , including Howard Roofing, would say that an overlay is not advisable in most cases. It will only make sense when the decking is still structurally sound, and is designed to bear the weight of two layers of asphalt shingles.

Oops! The 10 Most Common Roofing Mistakes

The long-term health and performance of an asphalt shingle roofing system hinges on the quality of the installation. Failure to install it per manufacturer specifications will make it unsightly and unable to withstand the elements. The smallest error is enough to shorten the lifespan of the entire system. Many amateur roofers, however, directly install the first course of shingles onto the eave.
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