A bleeding vagina

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This page has been produced in consultation with and approved by:. In Victoria, you can have two types of abortion: surgical and medication. Both types are safe and reliable. You can have a medication abortion up to nine weeks of pregnancy.

Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding Causes - Mayo Clinic

Back to Women's health. There are many different causes of bleeding between periods. Some may not be anything to worry about, but seek medical advice if you're concerned. Irregular bleeding , such as bleeding between periods, is common during the first few months of starting hormonal contraception , such as the:. If you're concerned about bleeding or it lasts longer than a few months, you should seek medical advice. Call a sexual health clinic if you need help or advice.

Vaginal bleeding - irregular

Jump to content. Top of the page Check Your Symptoms. Many women experience abnormal vaginal bleeding or spotting between periods sometime in their lives. Vaginal bleeding is considered to be abnormal if it occurs:.
Menstruation, or period, is a woman's monthly bleeding. Abnormal vaginal bleeding is different from normal menstrual periods. It could be bleeding that is between periods, is very heavy, or lasts much longer than usual. It also includes bleeding that happens before puberty or after menopause. Causes can include.