Loyus sex position

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There are two states of being that often cannot co-exist together harmoniously - the state of being lazy and the state of being horny. Both are good things to be - great things to aspire to - and yet, often, if you find yourself experiencing both in conjunction with one another, you're left feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. Enter the lotus sex position - the easy way to get your bit when you're feeling lazy AF, but still want to F. Your partner sits upright with their legs crossed while you straddled them and wrap your legs around their waist - then sex occurs. So easy. So lazy.

The Kneeling Lotus Position

9 Sex Positions That Will Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Some of the best sex positions are accomplished by taking risks, from our bodies achieving new levels of flexibility to giddily hopping on top of our nicest furniture, but the position that perfectly melds physical and mental vulnerability is none other than the Lotus position. This pose encourages a lot of eye contact, hot, heavy breaths close to one another's mouths pro tip: brush your teeth ahead of time for this one and striking a perfect balance with your bodies so you can meet together for some deep, toe-curling pleasure. Let's start with the basics: the Lotus position will require each partner to wrap their arms and legs around each other. To begin, have one partner sit cross-legged, sitting on your knees also known as Hero pose in the Yogi community , or seated with their legs outstretched. If you're looking for additional balance or comfort, you can sit with your back against a wall or other hard surface. The second partner will sit in between their legs or atop, if they are cross-legged or on their knees , facing their partner.


The lotus sex position does. The lotus sex position involves one partner sitting cross-legged, and the other facing them, straddling them. Think "cowgirl" position one person rides on top the other but seated upright. We usually pick sex positions based on what you're in the mood for.
Sex is about exploration. Great sex is about experimenting , exploring, and pushing the boundaries a bit — consensually, of course. While missionary will always have its place and, honestly, can be a lot of fun, at some point, you need to branch out. If the Kama Sutra boasts over a sex positions, who are we not to take advantage of them and give every one a whirl at least once?