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I cannot recommend this place enough. Life is simpler. The already friendly Uruguayans become as helpful as small-town neighbors. Everyone was willing to give directions and answer questions. In fact, one morning when my friend was still sleeping, I had a lovely conversation about interior life with a camping neighbor. Not that the city-folks are not especially when compared to North Americans , but interior people just seem to be a little more relaxed and easy-going.

Paysandú and Semana de la Cervezas

Paysandú and Semana de la Cervezas | Teach Abroad Coyle

I havent done this before so here we go. I am a married is OK I dont smoke personally. I am not skinny but I'm not no BBW either. I have a few piercings but most are in special places hehe. I am not picky but obviously there has to be some kind of attraction.

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