The Most Common Logo Maker Generators Used by Serial Entrepreneurs in 2017

Designing a logo can be a very stressful and overwhelming process, but none the less, it is definitely something that it is necessary for you do to, even if you don’t really know where to start. If you are one of those people that have no idea where to begin, then this article is great for you because we are here to tell you that the whole process can be made much simpler by just using a great tool like a logo maker generator, and the ones that we will be talking about also happen to be free. With all of the possible choices out there it may be difficult to figure out which generator is the one for you, so we have narrowed things down for you a bit.

Logo Maker

If you are looking for a logo generator with experience, then this is the one for you because it has been on the market for over a decade and has served over 3 million businesses and entrepreneurs. When you get on the site you will have the ability to choose between 10.000 different icons and then have the option to build onto the icon you have chosen and save an unlimited amount of logos in your site account for free. Although there is a fee that comes after you download your high-resolution logo, something that you can do to get the logo for free is generate an HTML code snippet for your website rather than downloading the logo file.


If you are looking for something that will easily give you multiple options, than go with the Logaster logo maker generator. This site makes it very easy for you to create a logo and then it automatically lets you view a multiple different variations of the logo you have chosen and a great part is that you can save your logos and will be able to view them at any time. This is a truly free engine that will allow you to go through the design process and the download of a small-sized logo free of charge and this small-size will be perfect to use on a website. However, if you want a large size of the log, you can get that by paying a small fee.


Amongst all of the other services that Canva offers, when you go on their site you can also find a large variety of free or paid-for logo options. All you have to do is start with one of the many free templates they offer and then you can simply change the text, fonts, colors and more in order to come up with something that really suits your brand. If you don’t like what you see, you can always go with the option of uploading your own graphics, or choose from Canva’s library of free elements in order to add to the logo template with the very simple drag-and-drop features.

With so many features available in all of these logo maker generators, coming up with something that will suit your brand and style will be a very easy task. Make sure to give all of the necessary elements that the generator asks for in order for it to generate the appropriate choices and after that it will all be up to you to customize it to fit what you like even more.